Acupuncture is a complementary medicine in which very fine needles are inserted into specific areas in the body by a trained therapist.It affects the bodies energy pathways as well as causing micro damage to tissue, both of which stimulate the bodies systems to promote healing.


Course Contents:

Our course runs over a year and usually runs in the last weekend of the month starting in February.  It includes homework and case studies. All the supplies for using acupuncture as a student can be purchased through us at a highly discounted rate.  With this course you receive a FREE acupuncture kit including needles, trays and medical swabs to start you off with your treatments.  This course also includes attendance of many of the 1 day CPD courses as part of the cost.   (Check individual course descriptions for dates)

There is an optional Theory only  module, which misses out the practical days on Sundays, you may add any CPD on to this you want however this module alone does not qualify you in full TCM Acupuncture, it is meant as a complementary module to other therapies.


Specialisations Included

  • Auricular Acupuncture

  • Ear Acupuncture Pain Relief

  • Ear Acupuncture Addiction Protocol

  • Tendon Healing

  • Moxibustion

  • Plum Blossom Therapy

  • Back Acupuncture and Caution Needling



The prerequisite on this course is either a qualification in a manual therapy which includes A&P (Anatomy and Physiology) or a medical qualification e.g. Nurse or Doctor.  We have now however got permission to open this to any manual therapist as we can recommend an A&P course and qualification to you in order for you to achieve a qualification in this.   Please email to check if you are unsure.

Unqualified students (No manual therapy) are advised to enroll for the Standard Tuina course which runs at the same time,  or attend the Indonesian Massage course and pass the required examination PRIOR to starting this course.

You must be 16 years or older and understand spoken and written English.  You must consent to giving and receiving manual and acupuncture therapy.


Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to learn or learn more about Acupuncture.  If you have a grounding in Chinese Methods this is highly advantageous but not required.

The Theory only module is for people who already do Acupuncture or Tuina Medical Massage but want a Theory refresher, or those who just want to learn theory to complement other oriental therapies or for their own interests.


This course lasts for 10 months with exams usually in the following month.

exam dates to be announced.  

Still not sure?   Why not book a Q&A session with the tutors to talk about course

content and how it can help you with your plans.    Call or email now to arrange. 

Course Dates beg March 2019:

All dates are one course not a choice of dates (Theory Only misses out Sundays)

8th to 10th March (3 days)

13th and 14th April (2 days)

11th to 12th May (2 days)

8th to 9th June (2 days)

13th to 14th July (2 days)

10th to 11th August (2 days)

7th to 8th September (2 days)

12th to 13th October (2 days)

9th to 10th November (2 days)

8th and 9th December (2 days)

Interim exams will be required.   Dates to be set on first weekend of the course.

Final Exam Date TBC - January 2020 (1 days)

Course Dates beg February 2020:

All dates are one course not a choice of dates (Theory Only misses out Sundays)

14th to 16th February (3 days)

14th to 15th March (2 days)

18th and 19th April (2 days)

16th to 17th May (2 days)

13thto 14th June (2 days)

18th to 19th July (2 days)

15th to 16th August (2 days)

19th to 20th September (2 days)

17th to 18th October (2 days)

14th to 15th November (2 days)

5th to 6th December (2 days)

Exam Dates:

24th January 2020 - Practical Exams for all subjects

22nd May 2020 - Practical Exams for all subjects

25th September 2020 - Practical Exams for all subjects

Cost:  £2500  Plus £79 exam fees for Practical Exams (Deposit of £250 minimum to secure a place)

Theory Only Module is to be introduced in 2021 - See our new website for more details.



A selection of FREE needles
and trays provided

"I have undertaken a number of courses at Total Therapy. The standard of teaching is exemplary and the course material is detailed and well structured. I also highly recommend the short courses to maintain your professional development."

Dr Chiara Mosley - Angels and Acupuncture - Warrington

Course cost £2500 before any discounts.   You will get a FREE kit with needles, trays and swabs to cover at least 10 treatments.

At our recommended student course prices this course is can pay for itself very quickly.