Blood Letting (Pricking)



This technique is a very old one and becoming more widely accepted now.  Traditionally this was used for letting blood out from certain points in the body to cure disease, research is now showing that this does indeed have scientific basis and that stagnated blood can cause major problems in the body so letting this stagnation out is sometimes the best way to clear the blockage.  



The course consists of theory and practical hands on application. You will receive a full certificate for the course which can be upgraded to an optional diploma by submitting 6 Case studies 3 months after course completion. These are assessed by an external examiner (examiner fee applies).



To attend this course you will need some experience in Acupuncture or a medical qualification.  


Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone requiring knowledge of blood letting and also as a specialization for the Acupuncture course.



This is a 1 day course.




Sunday 21st October


Sunday 10th November


Cost: £160 Optional £39 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent adjudicator.