Emotional Therapy




About the Foundation (Year 1) Course:

Emotional therapy is a form of counseling but unlike many forms it tries to locate the route cause and feelings that are trapped and not deal with the symptoms only.

Negative experiences can cause coping mechanisms to be put in place which are not always useful for everyday life.  Old events that aren't fully experienced act as unprocessed emotions and if painful are locked away in a box with the lid on tight to keep the painful memory locked away.

These lids take up energy daily to keep them on tight and so you can become mentally drained and depressed.  Emotional Therapy releases the original cause and allows you to spot protective learnt behaviors to remove them and explore and empty out your boxes.

Unlike a lot of counseling strategies emotional therapy is not always client led and clients are taught to go towards the painful memory and explore it in a supportive fashion and not to "let of some of the steam" from the box but to fully explore and empty it.  Therefore clients become independent and not dependent on the counselor.
The foundation course also discusses social ideas and behaviors which can cause you not to live life fully or be your true self and many of these learnt behaviors can be broken quickly allowing you to live life to the full and be truly authentic to yourself.  This social self defence is not taught any where else in the UK and is one of the key factors to preventing on-going issues and changing your life.

About the Second Year (Year 2) Course:

This course explores the ground breaking idea that the process of psychology and counseling is flawed and potentially incorrect.
Using specialist ideas and techniques we will explore the normalising of negative and excessive positive ideas.
The course also explores social rigidity and thoughts at a much deeper level to enable you to gain a more flexible mind, which enables you a much deeper understanding of life.


Course Contents:

Our Foundation course runs over five months and the Year 2 course over 4 months and must be taken at least 1 year later than the Foundation course.  You will be practicing on each other which means that you will learn not only the therapy skills, but also feel what it is like from the clients point of view.  This course is a foundation only and does not qualify you to practice but is excellent for a starter point for helping you explore your own issues.


There is no prerequisites for the Foundation course except that you understand the following:

You must be 18 years or older and understand spoken and written English.  Booking this course indicates your consent to giving and receiving Emotional Therapy.

The prerequisite for the Year 2 course is the Foundation Course.


Who is it for?

Anyone wishing to have a deeper understanding of ones self and issues as well as an understanding of the hidden drivers inside and socially.  This can also help therapists' offer advice (not counseling at this stage) to clients they treat with other therapies which often release emotions.

You do not have to commit to doing year 2 as year 1 is often taken by people who wish to work on their own issues without the support of a counselor.



The Foundation course lasts for 5 months.

The Year 2 course lasts for 4 months.

Course Dates 2019:  Year 2 (For Pre 2019 Foundation students only)

All dates are one course not a choice of dates

2nd and 3rd February (2 days)

2nd and 3rd March (2 days)

6th and 7th April (2 days)

4th and 5th May (2 days)

Course Dates 2019:  Foundation Course

All dates are one course not a choice of dates

23rd and 24th Feb Feb (2 days)

23rd and 24th March (2 days)

27th and 28th April (2 days)

25th and 26th May (2 days)

22nd and 23rd June (2 days)

Course Dates 2020:  Foundation Course

All dates are one course not a choice of dates

22nd and 23rd Feb Feb (2 days)

21st and 22nd March (2 days)

25th and 26th April (2 days)

23rd and 24th May (2 days)

20th and 21st June (2 days)




Cost:  £295 Introductory Price for 2019  



Course cost £295 introductory offer before any advertised discounts.  

Free stationary so you can turn up with just a bag to take things home in.

Course stationary including lever
arch file provided