Medical Massage and Joint Manipulation




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  • Can be taken as a full course or as Practical only for People who don't require diagnosis theory. (Please call to discuss eligibility).

  • A highly effective manual therapy which treats joints, muscles and other connective tissue. 

  • Can be used on it's own or along with another massage system or manual therapy

  • Integrates well with other therapies including Sports Massage, Chiropractic Manipulations, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy.

  • Increases blood circulation

  • Helps break down knots, crossed fibers and scar tissue

  • Muscle and joint manipulation including different types of back cracks for different parts of the back to resolve incorrect alignment of the body.

  • Includes Neuro Muscular Release

  • Module 1 is 3 long weekends over 3 months (see options for dates below)

  • Module 2 a 4 long weekends over 4 months (see options for dates below)

  • High rate of client satisfaction

  • Fast results


Course Content:

Theory and history of the therapy


A full set of notes for theory subjects

All clinical equipment needed to train


Specific to Module 1: 

Introduction with standard techniques

Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis

Acupuncture points


Client handling

Health and Safety

Specific to Module 2:

Very comprehensive and covers many CPD and additional treatment aspects.  This isn't simply an extension from the previous certificate course, but adds many treatment variations and clinical experiences to complement your treatments.

Advanced joint and muscle manipulations

Diagnostics using symptoms

Floor techniques including using feet (walking on client etc)

Side massage for pregnancy etc.



There is no prerequisite for the Standard course but to attend the Masters you must have attended the standard courses..    You must be 16 years or older and understand spoken and written English.  You must consent to giving and receiving manual therapy.


Who is it for?

  • People looking for a new career

  • People looking to be able to treat friends and family

  • Massage therapists

  • Reflexologists

  • Physios

  • Osteopaths

  • Other manual therapists

Module 2 is for people who have experience in this therapy but want to take it further.

(Please call if you wish to discuss)


Location: Manchester area: TBC


Course run by: Total Therapy Manchester



Duration: 3 Months - (3 x 3 days)



2019 Dates: 

Intense Course: 6th to 9th August 2019 (Includes NMR and PNF CPD)

Feb 2020 Dates:

6th to 8th February

5th to 7th March

16th to 18th April

Exam Date: 26th April

Cost: £1200  (£900 for Practical Only - please choose option on booking) Plus £79 exam fees


Exam: Written and practical exam on dates indicated - 20 Case studies required.



Duration: 4 Months - (4 x 3 days)



May 2020 Intake:

7th to 9th May

4th to 6th June

9th to 11th July

6th to 8th August

Exam Date: 30th August

​​Cost: £1500  (£1050 for Practical Only - please choose option on booking) Plus £79 exam fees


Exam: Written and practical exam on dates indicated - 40 Case studies required


This course is the prerequisite to the Masters Medical Massage course.

It can pay for itself by doing required case studies and practice on your own real clients.