Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is a gentle but effective form, with which we only use and recommend either cold pressed grapeseed or coconut oil which is warmed over a safe heat source.  This is a very soothing massage which is good for pushing toxins and other stagnated fluids from the muscles while giving the client a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation. Usually performed best in a slightly darkened room with gentle music and sometimes scented candles of your clients preference.



The course consists of theory and practical hands on application. You will receive a full certificate for the course which can be upgraded to an optional diploma by submitting 6 Case studies 3 months after course completion. These are assessed by an external examiner (examiner fee applies).



There are no prerequisites for this course although we do like to know of any experience you have in the healing or cosmetic therapies when you book.  This course is very good as an introduction to any massage therapy techniques.


Who is it for?

This course is aimed at anyone with or without experience in cosmetic, health or injury treatment.  It is for practitioners who wish to extend this abilities or start out in the health or cosmetic therapies.



Manchester area: TBC


Course held by:

Total Therapy Manchester



This is a 2 day course.






Cost: £250  Optional £39 fee to upgrade to a diploma via case studies verified by an independent adjudicator.


FREE massage
oil provided