So what makes Total Therapy Training different?

We are accredited and overseen by organisations in China and Japan.

All our courses have a similar structure and any further courses you attend can be "bolted on" to existing training with the same health and safety paperwork and client consultation documents so you don't have to have lots of different consultation forms for different treatments.  The only difference is how detailed you want your diagnosis to be.

First of all when you sign up with us, you only have to pay a small deposit then you have until 7 days before the course starts to pay the rest.    We give you an online account with monthly statements sent by email until the course date so you can keep an eye on what you still have to pay.  We also offer payment plans for the longer courses (see details on page or email to discuss).

When you attend your course we will GIVE you the tools to start working straight away on clients saving you money in setup costs!     (e.g. on our Cupping course you get equipment worth around £60 for FREE.   

***(Full TCM Course students have to buy the short course equipment as they do not pay for the course).

Once you qualify with us,  you will automatically be accepted for membership to the Total Therapy Association with which you can get discounted insurance, personal membership to the British Acupuncture Federation, plus many other benefits.  You can use the Total Therapy name in your brand and therefore benefit from our advertising, web site, a Total Therapy email address and also be included on the therapists member list for searching by the public. 

Our tutors are contactable by email or phone outside of class hours to give help and advice to students.

When you start training with us you will be given access to our secure student forum, where course content and client cases can be discussed in complete confidentiality.

Once your course starts you will have access to the totally private student forum on Facebook and also the resource centre on our website.   Just apply by clicking on the links in the emails we send you after your first day.

Total Therapy is registered with the NUS so our students qualify for an NUS Extra card whether they are on a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year course.   This gives you great savings from many retailers.

If you wish to re-attend any course for any reason, the cost is reduced by half, so you don't have to pay the full price of the course again.  However if you join our association that cost is reduced by half again so you are only paying 25% of the full cost of the course.

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